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Snap in vent valve D10 vent valve

A waterproof breathable valve is a device that prevents moisture from entering but allows breathability. It is usually used in waterproof electronic products, such as mobile phones, watches, cameras, etc., to prevent rain or other liquids from entering the inside of the device, while allowing air circulation inside the device to prevent moisture from appearing inside. This type of valve is usually made of a special membrane material that prevents liquid penetration while allowing gas to pass through.

    Is the waterproof vent valve a one-way valve?

    Waterproof vent valve is bidirectional waterproof breathable pressure relief, not a one-way valve. Waterproof vent valve is a sealed component that is combined by eptfe film injection molding, ultrasonic welding and other forms. There are mainly threaded type, pressure type, snap type, torque type and other XINXIA ventilation valve, XINXIA ventilation valve has two important indicators: 1, air permeability 2, protection level.

    What's the working principle of waterproof ventilation valve?

    The XINXIA waterproof permeator valve is carefully made of imported expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (E-PTFE) microporous film. The micropore diameter of the imported E-PTFE film is between 0.1-10μm, while the molecule of the gas is only about 0.0004μm. The aperture of the EPTFE film is 250-25000 times larger than the diameter of the gas. So the gas can go through smoothly; The diameter of the drizzle is 400μm, which is 40-4000 times larger than the micropore diameter of the film. In addition, due to the low surface energy of the EPTFE film material, the contact Angle is 135.6°. Due to the surface tension (water molecules pulling on each other), the water vapor condenses into small water droplets on the surface of the EPTFE film. It can effectively prevent liquid water wetting and capillary penetration, so it has good waterproof and breathable performance. XINXIA ventilation valve has been widely used in LED outdoor lighting industry, automobile manufacturing industry, solar photovoltaic industry, electronic and electrical industry, communication equipment industry, security equipment industry, etc.

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