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Silicone tip and silicone washer

What is the advantages of silicone sealing ring?

1.Good sealing performance, waterproof and non-leakage, environmental protection and non-toxic; Picture

2.Can be placed under high temperature heating, no deformation, no harmful substances; Picture

3.Good tensile resistance

4.Long-term use of the same yellow does not fade

5.Corona resistance, arc resistance, high and low temperature resistance, good aging resistance, high temperature resistance; Picture

6.Good heat resistance, Shanghai Ruimi silicone sealing ring can be used at 150° C for a long time without performance changes, can be used for 10,000 hours at 200° C, can also be used briefly at 250°C; Silica gel sealing ring has good cold resistance, ordinary rubber is generally -20℃ -30℃, while Shanghai Ruimi silicone sealing ring still has good elasticity at -50℃ -60℃, and some special low-temperature resistant silica gel can also withstand lower temperatures.

    The disadvantages of silicone rubber sealing ring?

    Silicone sealing ring is not resistant to oil and is not suitable for most thick-shrunk solvents, oils, thick-shrunk acids and diluted sodium hydroxide.

    What's the features of O-ring?

    O-ring is a small cross-section of circular ring sealing element, commonly used cross-section is circular. The main material is synthetic rubber, which is the most commonly used seal in hydraulic engineering. It is mainly used for static sealing and sliding sealing. Compared with other seals, it has the following characteristics: a. Good sealing and long life. b. A single circle can play a sealing role in both directions. c. Good adaptability to oil, temperature and pressure. d. Small dynamic friction resistance e. small size, light weight, low cost f. Simple structure of the sealing part g. h. The size and groove have been standardized, the selection and procurement is convenient. The disadvantage is that when the dynamic seal is started, the friction resistance is larger, about 3-4 times the dynamic friction force, and it is easy to be squeezed into the gap under high pressure.

    What’s the Seal form of O-ring?

    1. According to the relative motion of the seal and the sealed device can be divided into: static seal, reciprocating seal, rotary seal and switch seal.

    2. According to the O-ring in the rectangular groove compression sealing with the amount of compression (tightness > can be divided into: compression, sleeve tightness, hydraulic, pneumatic and rotation of the five basic sealing fit, as well as in the end chamfer slot squeeze tight seal fit. In addition, there are two special sealing methods: sliding seal and floating seal.

    3. According to the structure of the sealed parts can be divided into: end seal is axial seal, Angle seal (hole end face chamfered groove seal, shaft end face chamfered groove seal), cylindrical seal is radial seal (cylindrical inner diameter seal (piston rod seal), cylindrical outer diameter seal (piston seal)), cone seal and spherical seal.

    Common rubber caps on the market have silicone, nitrile, PVC,TPE, what's the difference between these 4 rubber caps?

    1. Production mode

    Silicone & nitrile are moulded

    PVC&TPE adopts injection molding method

    2. Chemical properties:


    Silica gel is a thermosetting elastomer, insoluble in water, and does not react with other substances except strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid

    Silica gel has excellent friction and temperature resistance, will not melt after vulcanization, and is not resistant to ozone. 


    Good oil resistance and aging resistance, it can be used in 120℃ air or 150℃ oil for a long time. In addition, it also has water resistance, air tightness and excellent bonding properties.

    Its disadvantages are poor low temperature resistance, ozone resistance, and slightly lower elasticity. 


    High friction resistance to chemicals, corrosion resistance but not ozone resistance. In strong acids such as concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated nitric acid will corrode, can not contact with aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbon substances.

    Temperature resistance -15℃-80℃, poor light and thermal stability, not environmentally friendly


    High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, ozone resistance, ozone aging (38℃)100 hours performance reduced by less than 10%, resistance to general chemicals (water, acid, alkali, alcohol solvents), can be soaked in solvent or oil for a short time; Environmental protection 

    3. Process extension

    Silica gel: common black and white, can be colored, can be processed

    Nitrile: common black and white, can not do color, the outer surface can be electroplated colored

    PVC: transparent color, can be done color, solid color semi-transparent color can be

    TPE: transparent color, can be done color, solid color semi-transparent color can be, can be processed

    Among them, nitrile can only make a matte surface, and electroplating can make the surface reach a smooth surface;

    PVC is harder than the other three;

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    • FD-615MT Specs.pdf

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