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Laminated Vent Membrane XINXIA-020TO_TDS

This series of membranes could be used in Automotive Lamps, Automotive Sensitive Electronics, Outdoor Lighting, Outdoor Electronic Devices, Household Electrical and Electronics etc. 

The membrane can balance inside/outside pressure differentials of sealed enclosures while blocking contaminants, which could increase components’ reliability and extend their service life. 


    Automotive & Electronics Vent Membrane




    e-PTFE Oleophobic and Hydrophobic breathable membrane 


    Automotive & Electronics



    The waterproof breathable film of ePTFE material is three-dimensional small microporous film material, which can make the free movement of air molecules (Brownian motion) unaffected, so that the air pressure inside and outside the equipment can be dynamically balanced, and the pressure difference caused by temperature changes, altitude changes, extrusion, etc. can be dynamically balanced, and the stress of electroacoustic devices such as microphones or receivers can be eliminated. To achieve high fidelity transmission transmission sound, so that the sound loss, sound resistance can be reduced to a certain range.

    Membrane Properties





    Membrane Color




    Membrane Construction




    Membrane Surface Property






    ISO 534



    Interlayer Bonding Strength

    (90 degree peel)

    Internal Method




    Min Air Flow Rate

    ASTM D737

    (Test area:1 cm²)

    ml/min/cm²@ 7Kpa


    Typical Air  Flow Rate

    ASTM D737

    (Test area:1 cm²)

    ml/min/cm²@ 7Kpa


    Water Entry Pressure

    ASTM D751

    (Test area:1 cm²)

    KPa for 30 sec


    IP Rating

    IEC 60529



    Water Vapor Transmission Rate (evaporation)

    GB/T 12704.2

    (38℃/50%RH 、Cupping method)



    Oleophobic Grade

    AATCC 118



    Operation Temperature

    IEC 60068-2-14

    -40℃ ~ 260℃


    IEC 62321


    Meet ROHS Requirements


    US EPA 3550C & US EPA



    PFOA & PFOS Free


    This series of membranes could be used in Automotive Lamps, Automotive Sensitive Electronics, Outdoor Lighting, Outdoor Electronic Devices, Household Electrical and Electronics etc.

    The membrane can balance inside/outside pressure differentials of sealed enclosures while blocking contaminants, which could increase components’ reliability and extend their service life.

    XINXIA-020TO_TDS (1)4az

    Shelf Life

    Shelf life is five years from the date of receipt for this product as long as this product is stored in its original packaging in an environment below 80° F (27° C) and 60% RH.


    All data above are typical data for the membrane raw material, for reference only, and should not be used as special data for outgoing quality control. 

    All technical information and advice given here is based on XINXIA’s previous experiences and test results. XINXIA gives this information to the best of its knowledge,  but assumes  no legal responsibility. Customers are asked to check the suitability and usability in the specific application, since the performance of the product can only be judged when all necessary operating data are available.

    What are the functions of ePTFE as a new waterproof and breathable material?

    - Waterproof: 0.1-10μm microhole, the aperture is less than 10,000 times water beads, so that water can not pass through, effectively protect sensitive parts, avoid liquid erosion, improve product life.

    - Air permeability: the micropore diameter is 700 times greater than water vapor, waterproof at the same time, allowing air to pass smoothly, can effectively dissipate heat, prevent the inner wall of the product from forming fog, balance the internal and external space pressure.

    - Dust-proof: The microporous channel forms a mesh three-dimensional structure in the film, and the uniform and dense distribution of micropores makes the dust encounter a barrier, achieving an effective dust-proof effect, and the minimum can capture 0.1μm particles. Protection level: IP67.

    Waterproof breathable film waterproof grade classification and standard

    At present, the international industrial standard IP waterproof grade and the Japanese industrial standard JIS waterproof grade are close, and the IP grade also provides for dust protection. The choice of waterproof breathable film can be based on the use requirements and the use of the environment to decide what kind of waterproof breathable film to use, so as to better protect the equipment, so that the equipment can be used normally.

    Expression method: IPXX (IP+ dust grade number + waterproof grade number).

    Dustproof and waterproof performance is expressed by numbers, and generally the larger the number, the stronger the protection ability.

    The IP (INGRESS PROTECTION) rating system was drafted by the INTERNATIONAL ELECTROTECHNICAL COMMISSION (IEC) to classify electrical appliances according to their dust and moisture resistance. IP protection level is composed of two numbers, the first number indicates the electrical dust, to prevent the level of foreign object intrusion (here refers to the foreign objects including tools, human fingers, etc. are not exposed to the electrical appliances within the live part, so as to avoid electric shock), the second number indicates the degree of electrical moisture, waterproof immersion, the greater the number indicates the higher the level of protection. The IP protection level is defined according to the relevant contents of the current international and national mandatory standard GB4208-2008/IEC60529-2013 "Shell Protection Level (IP Code)".

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