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Colorful Vent Membrane XINXIA-DB10D

This series of membranes could be used in Automotive Lamps, Automotive Sensitive Electronics, Outdoor Lighting, Outdoor Electronic Devices, Household Electrical and Electronics etc. 

The membrane can balance inside/outside pressure differentials of sealed enclosures while blocking contaminants, which could increase components’ reliability and extend their service life. 


    Automotive & Electronics Vent Membrane




    e-PTFE Oleophobic and Hydrophobic breathable membrane 


    Automotive & Electronics



    Membrane Properties





    Membrane Color




    Membrane Construction



    PTFE / PET Fabric

    Membrane Surface Property






    ISO 534



    Interlayer Bonding Strength

    (90 degree peel)

    Internal Method




    Min Air Flow Rate

    ASTM D737

    (Test area:1 cm²)

    ml/min/cm²@ 7Kpa


    Typical Air  Flow Rate

    ASTM D737

    (Test area:1 cm²)

    ml/min/cm²@ 7Kpa


    Water Entry Pressure

    ASTM D751

    (Test area:1 cm²)

    KPa for 30 sec


    IP Rating

    IEC 60529



    Water Vapor Transmission Rate (evaporation)

    GB/T 12704.2

    (38℃/50%RH 、Cupping method)



    Oleophobic Grade

    AATCC 118



    Operation Temperature

    IEC 60068-2-14

    -40℃ ~ 125℃


    IEC 62321


    Meet ROHS Requirements


    US EPA 3550C & US EPA



    PFOA & PFOS Free


    This series of membranes could be used in Automotive Lamps, Automotive Sensitive Electronics, Outdoor Lighting, Outdoor Electronic Devices, Household Electrical and Electronics etc.

    The membrane can balance inside/outside pressure differentials of sealed enclosures while blocking contaminants, which could increase components’ reliability and extend their service life.

    Colored breathable films are commonly used in packaging and decoration to provide aesthetics and visual appeal to product packaging. The film also allows air to circulate within the packaging container to prevent odor or spoilage. In addition, the colored breathable film can also play a certain role in dust prevention and protection.


    Shelf Life

    Shelf life is five years from the date of receipt for this product as long as this product is stored in its original packaging in an environment below 80° F (27° C) and 60% RH.


    All data above are typical data for the membrane raw material, for reference only, and should not be used as special data for outgoing quality control. 

    All technical information and advice given here is based on XINXIA’s previous experiences and test results. XINXIA gives this information to the best of its knowledge,  but assumes  no legal responsibility. Customers are asked to check the suitability and usability in the specific application, since the performance of the product can only be judged when all necessary operating data are available.

    How does ePTFE work and its application?

    ePTFE working principle: In the state of water vapor, water particles are very small, according to the principle of capillary movement, can smoothly penetrate into the capillary to the other side, resulting in steam penetration phenomenon. When the water vapor condenses into water beads, the particles become larger, due to the effect of the surface tension of the water beads (water molecules "pull against each other"), the water molecules can not be smoothly separated from the water beads to penetrate to the other side, that is, to prevent the penetration of water, so that the permeable film has the waterproof function.

    Applications of waterproof breathable film products

    1. New energy electric vehicles (battery PACK, motor, electronic control, start-stop power supply, distribution box, gearbox, electronic vacuum pump, lamp, sensor, etc.)

    2. Outdoor LED lighting (wall washing lights, floodlights, street lights, stage lights, alarm lights, etc.)

    3. Consumer electronics and appliances (electric toothbrush, electric hair clipper, electric beauty instrument, waterproof camera, electronic scale, sweeping robot, electric heating cup, etc.)

    4. Electroacoustic field (mobile speaker, MIC, handset, speaker, buzzer, microphone, walkie-talkie, recorder, GPS, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth speaker, surveillance camera, etc.)

    5. Medical field (infusion set, urine bag collector, fetal monitor, insulin pump, etc.)

    6. Smart wear field (smart watch, smart bracelet, VR glasses, etc.)

    7. Uav equipment, sensor Lidar, semiconductor processing, intelligent equipment, precision instruments, solar photovoltaic, 5G communication equipment, chemical packaging, micro-filtration and other fields.

    Application of waterproof breathable film - outdoor lighting fixtures

    Potential problems: Outdoor luminaire enclosures are subject to changes in ambient temperature and pressure.

    Temperature changes, dust, dirt and moisture can have a considerable impact on the electronic components of outdoor lighting fixtures. For example, rainfall can cause a rapid cooling of the lamp casing, which can create a vacuum of 200mbar(3psi) or more inside the casing. This will seriously affect the performance of the internal components of the lamp.

    Solution: Maintain the balance of pressure inside and outside the shell by constant ventilation. After the waterproof breathable film is installed on the outdoor lamp cover, the pressure difference caused by the change of external temperature will no longer have a negative impact on the cover, because the waterproof breathable film can quickly balance the pressure inside and outside the shell when the ambient temperature and pressure change.

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